A day in Sarlat, France


I know I said I was going to put all of my photos from the South of France into one post, but we spent the day in Sarlat, Dordogne today and I took so many photos that I thought I would make it into a separate blog post!

Sarlat is a town about 20 minutes away from where we're staying in Dordogne, and there were so many lovely market-style shops, cafes, restaurants and patisseries! The buildings were very old and mostly made of stone, but there were still lots of places to visit and shop in! 

We went to a restaurant which I can't remember the name of but they had great food with massive portions! I had a pizza and it was massive! They also had a full menu of crepes, and as tempted as I was to get one, I didn't as I was saving myself for an ice cream later on!

They had loads of ice cream parlours there, they seem to be very popular in France as I've seen them everywhere! We stumbled across one which had every flavour you can think of, and ones I've never tried before! My personal favourites were kinder Bueno (which I ended up having), M&Ms, Oreo and Nutella! 

That wasn't even all the choice there! They also had loads of patisseries which had THE most amazing cakes and pastries, many of which were famous for France! I ended up getting a Mille Feuille pastry which I've never tried before, but I knew I'd was French as I've seen them on cake boss! Haha!

And that's all the photos I took! I don't think I'll take too many more photos so that should be it for the photo diary posts for at least a week! Hope you enjoyed,

Sophia x

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