My favourite photo editing apps


I have always had a big passion for photography, and I love to edit photos to make them exactly how I wan them to be, before I put them on instagram or my blog! These are my favourite apps for editing photos...

1. Afterlight
In my opinion, Afterlight is the best app around for editing photos and I use it to edit the majority of my photos for my blog. It has the option to add filters to your photos, but I usually just water the photo settings such as contrast, saturation and sharpness. I can make a photo taken with my iPad look like a photo taken by an expensive camera! You can also crop your pictures, which is great for instagram when you need square photos, and you can add borders of different thickness which many people use for their instagram theme!

2. Layout by Instagram
If you want a photo collage of any kind, layout is he best app to use. I used to use pic collage to create photo collages, but I now use layout as the overall picture comes out as a square which is better for instagram. You can create collages of all different compositions and you could even create a really cool instagram theme with them!

3. Photo Editor
Photo editor is a multi purpose photo editing app. Not only can you add effects and alter photo settings like Afterlight, but you can also add stickers, text and drawings to your photos! Photo editor also has a blemish tool to remove any blemishes if you're trying to get the perfect selfie, as well as a red eye remover! Photo editor can also be used to crop photos, so it basically has everything you need in one app!

4. Instagram editor
Although it isn't talked about as much, I recently edited a photo with the instagram editor and it turned out great! I think that Instagram's built in editor is so underrated and many think that you can only use it to add effects! However, there are several tools to use to enhance your photo, and the sharpen tool in particular really makes a difference if you've taken a slightly blurry photo!

I hope this helped if you're looking for some photo editing apps, and I would love to hear from you guys to see what you recommend I use to edit photos, as I haven't found any apps to top these ones so far!

Sophia x

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