My favourite Instagram accounts!


Since I've been loving instagram so much lately, I thought I'd show you my favourite instagram accounts, which is take inspiration from for both my blog and my instagram! I've been following some of these accounts for ages, and I would definitely recommend that you guys follow them too!

1. @emshelx
Em's account is one of my favourites, along with her blog (Em Talks) which inspired me to create my own blog! She is constantly travelling, and I am always adding countries to visit to my bucket list as everywhere she visits looks amazing! I also love her style, and am always adding clothes to my wishlist from her hauls and instagram OOTD's!

2. @hellooctoberxo
Susie's instagram is so lovely! She recently got back from LA, and her photos of it made me want to go there even more than I already did! Her blog is also one of my favourites (Hello October) and I took a lot of my inspiration from it! I particularly like her London posts!

3. @gh0stparties
Kate's theme is to die for, and she also features a lot of travel photos which I love! Her blog is another one of my favourites and I love her foodie pictures, even though they always make me hungry! Haha!

4. @kayleighjcouture
Kayleigh's blog (Couture Girl) was one of the first blogs I ever read, and I definitely was inspired by the design of her blog! Her instagram is one of my favourites, and her lifestyle-esque photos always give me new inspiration, whether that be new outfits I want to buy, or restaurants I want to go to!

5. @inthefrow
Victoria is another blogger, and she also has an amazing YouTube channel with a big following! Her summer theme at the moment is so colourful and really gets me in the mood for summer! She travels a lot, and she always documents it on her instagram and blog - I'm get so jealous when I see some of the beautiful places she's been and I am always looking at her instagram for inspiration!

6. @annawithlove
Anna's account is gorgeous! Her travel photos make me want to visit everywhere she goes, and I just want her account basically! Haha! Her theme is Instagram goals, and I would definitely recommend that you all go and follow her right now!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and that it encourages you to follow all of these Instagram accounts as if you're like me, you can spend hours scrolling down accounts like this, and maybe adding things to your never ending bucket list!

Sophia x

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